In my painting I am concerned with the act of relationship, with the self as expressed through the process of painting and with the interrelationships of the world around us. I am interested in change, growth, and personal perception – cycles of decay and renewal – deconstruction and reconstruction.

I choose to explore these ideas through my relationship with the medium; the materials and methods become the dominant driver in my work. I begin without predetermined conclusions, but with the simple intention to respond. Allowing my internal landscape to come forward, I work intuitively and abstractly, with as little self-censoring as possible, drawing from this vast, boundless, immeasurable space.

Through a progression of layered materials, mark making, erasure and abrasion, a surface is established that alludes to an undisclosed history and speaks of curiosity, need, identity and compulsion. The resulting imagery is often ambiguous, challenging perceptions, and building relationship, by asking the viewer to find their own definition for the work.



Hazel Mailloux Fine Art provides leased art for corporate clients, film shoots and real estate staging.   We also offer lease to own options